Auriscend “Fortress Of A Mind”

Over the past decade Ivo Siemonsmeier has been one of the busiest musicians in Magdeburg within every kind of genre. His main project Cubehog, a duo with singer and writer Jessica Denecke, explores the electronic sound world with pure endless, passionate devotion. Among the IDM and ambient music sector he certainly is one of the pioneers of a whole region. So for him the alter ego Auriscend feels completely new and shows an unveiled pure facet of a creative gently genius who touches his audience with just the right crease in the collar. Every subtle note and each sung word includes sincere veracity – straight and without any polish. A sensitive tinkerer as genuine as possible. For the very first time Auriscend’s music finds the way to the ears of a public audience – also for Bridge The Gap an absolute premiere at a fire place next to the intimate Herrenkrug bridge!