Spaceman Spiff “Han Solo”

With more than three albums, Hannes Wittmer alias Spaceman Spiff is creating joy with his lyrics. They are one of a kind, with pictures which go deep and create unexpected emotions. This, everyone should listen to. Everyone who has ears to hear and a heart to feel. The lyrics of Spaceman are throughout melancholic and thoughtful, lets call them pathetic. At one moment however vulnerable and fragile. Sometimes he is close to it, but is never swimming in the pain of the world. His intimate small poetic stories make you think, marvel and even grin. The decision on his last album „Endlich nichts“ in favor of a band or synthesizer was quite a good one, you can almost call the songs opulent. But alone with his guitar, standing near the Elbe river, the young and friendly Hamburger proves, that he doesn’t need the big ingredients to present his fantastic songs in a suitable way.