Christian Kjellvander “The Mariner”

A wonderful affair of the heart. For both, the singer and the listener. You just have to love this man. ‘Cause he takes his time to create atmosphere and to let the sounds and chords ring and furthermore flow. Melancholy ballads from the Swedish prairie, presented intensely, full of longing and soul. Songs to freeze time for a moment, a moment between “sad” and “very sad”. Kjellvander also has a knack for this particular great melodic density without any symphonic orchestra (on his own, near The (Alte) Elbe River), a knack for this stunning, never subsiding excitement and intensity. Music that does not flirt with superficial beauty. Not sad in an adolescent manner, but full of depth and extremely mature and elegant. A beguiling and sublime journey through a world of feelings, with a beautiful deep sonorous voice. The more the storm called life rages, the more Kjellvander’s music seems to go from strength to strength.