Enno Bunger “Ich möchte noch bleiben, die Nacht ist noch jung”

Enno Bunger came by (post-yellow Volkswagen) bus to the video shooting, including a carpooling rider, on his way home to Ostfriesland. For Bridge The Gap he performed the song “Ich möchte noch bleiben, die Nacht ist noch jung” in a version you can’t watch or listen to anywhere else but here.

This song brings a deep, gentle melancholy. The album version – a duet with Alin Coen – seems to be a subtle optimistic starting point of an intense separation story. In the more reduced version, here at the bridge in the park, the song really opens Enno’s wounded heart. You can guess there will be no happy ending. But the singer confidently circuits the shallows of filthy heartaches. Life is sneaky, that’s obvious. Enno Bunger offers the antidote, albeit in an homeopathic dose. The silent glow of this song becomes more and more intense the longer you listen to it. Poignant pieces of sound, not world-weary and without self-pity or brittle sobs. It is not only melancholy, it is sincerity when Enno Bunger is singing. So please close your eyes and open your heart to drift away with Enno, like the leaves (0:55).